Yet Another Octopus

so here it is..

just practicing.

thought i’d share it with everyone.

another octopus pet.

wouldn’t it be cool if you could walk an octopus?


so what should i draw next?

a monster pet?

or just something completely different?

i’m running out of ideas.


Brush Up

If you’re like me, a full-time mom who loves to do art but doesn’t have me the time to get messy…
Well, I feel you.

My daughter is 18 months old and is in her “terrible 2 stage.” All she every does is want to play, play, eat, play, run, color, play, snack, play, throw temper tantrums, and play until she passes out.

If I were to bust out all my art supplies, It’ll look like a food fight in a school cafeteria except it’s all of my paints, papers, brushes, and pens flying around instead of dinner rolls and pizza. I just can’t let that happen! The thought of that is already killing me! hahaha! Even if i were to give her her own art station with all the drawing and painting supplies in the world, she’ll still want my stuff. If art wasn’t so expensive, i’d let her use my supplies… but it just doesn’t work that way.

So what do I do?

I wait until she takes her nap. As soon as she falls asleep I get my iPod and my art things ready, then start using my right brain. And today that’s just what I did.

One day, Mika will wanna do what I do. Okay, Maybe not? She is a lefty though.. that means she’ll be an artsy one.


Are You Proud?

Last night was movie night. After my daughter fell asleep my hubby and I watched two movies, “Daybreakers” and “Legion.” They were both great! One line really stuck with me, and i just kept thinking about it.

“If you were to die tomorrow and not knowing that today would be your last day to live, would you proud?”

That line was from Legion. Okay so those may not be the exact words, but that’s basically it. I really like that line.
So today, for me, I’d have to say it was a good day. Not so sure if I’d say that i was proud? Sometimes you just forget, you know what I mean?

I thought about it. Maybe I just have to take a deep breathe sometimes before i do anything. Then maybe the day would be better, and I’d be happier. Or maybe not just for today, but everyday.

Editha Balayan

Dear Mom,

Happy Mother’s Day.

You’ve heard me say this many times, “I love you.”

Thank you for being you.

I miss your jokes that didn’t make any sense, but everyone always laughed anyway.

I miss your stories you used to tell about the silly things Rod, Margee, Micah, and I used to do go growing up.

I miss watching you cook in the kitchen, and how you always asked us to try it, and assumed that it need more salt before we even got to taste it.

I miss the songs you used to sing in the car, and you sang like no one was listening to you.

I miss you telling me what was good or wasn’t good for me.

I miss you  calling me weird nick names and always wondered how you came up with them, still i never bothered to ask.

I miss how you used to say, “No! like this…”, and teach me the right way, but it would come out wrong then we’d have to do it again.

I miss you so much.


Your Daughter,

“Magmag” Magdalena Balayan

PS.  that nick name still makes me throw up. haha j/k.

Customizing It

“Getting Started,” that’s where I’m at. Learning about WordPress and how use it. I’m surprised how confusing it is considering i was in school for graphics. The first thing i did was try to figure out how to edit the appearance of my site. ¬†I’m such a perfectionist, that i’d spend hours trying to make what’s mine as original as possible. ¬†I spent about twenty minutes clicking on links on the left hand column to see what they were all about. ¬†What the hey, “just pick a stupid theme and customize your page later!”. ¬†And here it is, a simple two-column theme. Thanks to whoever made this theme.

Success! My first post. ¬†Not exactly what i wanted it to be about, but it’s the truth. ¬†Like i said, “I’m a perfectionist.” ¬†I couldn’t just leave my page with no text here. ¬†Don’t worry, i got lots of interesting things to blog about later… after I customize.

One thing I do want to say is…

Thank you Nick Toons for bringing Ren & Stimpy back!  Oh how I missed that show.  I felt like a little kid again watching it.  That was my Spongebob Squarepants back in the day.